Bleach Unleashed

This is the RP for Bleach Ressurrection, members will be able to earn special ranks for when the RPG is up and running.
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Division 11 Member
Heavy Ukitake

PostSubject: GENERAL RULES   GENERAL RULES I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 06, 2009 4:23 am

Be Curtious To Your Fellow Players. Please Keep Cussing To A Minimum, A Few Slips Are Not A Foul, But Excessive And You Will Suffer The Consiquences. Try To Use Alternatives To Curse Words. Anything You See You Are Welcome To Access Unless Otherwise Stated.

When You First Join, Choose A Race (Shinigami(Soul Reaper), Hollow, Quincy, Human, Bounto). If A Shinigami, You Can Either Choose A Squad To Be Placed In, Or You Can Request To Have A Moderator Or Administrator To Place You Amongst A Squad.
There Will Be Descriptions Of Each Race At A Later Date For Newcomer's Convenience

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